Monday, July 30, 2012

Casual Wedding Reception in America...

There is something to be said about details. Little details. Some people would say that is "the small stuff". But when it comes to event planning, those little details can be what sets it apart. July 21 we held a reception for Clint and Linli Boyd who had just returned to America after a wedding May 20 in Hangzhou, China. We had such a great time visiting with everyone. We wanted everything to be simple, fun and relaxed...just a good time to visit with friends and family and a time to introduce Linli to everyone that she had not met here. The Lord has blessed us with so many wonderful people in our lives that we had help coming from all directions! Thanks to everyone that helped. It means the world to us!

Our gang...Clint, Linli, me, Kirsten, Terry, Julie, Bailey and Chris