Friday, April 9, 2010

Catching Up...

Our grandchildren...Kirsten and Bailey...

Phoebe, Brooklyn and our Kirsten

The ugliest cake I have ever made! But I promise it was made with lots of love! That gel stuff you write with just runs and ruins everything. I should have left well enough alone after I spread the icing on...but no, I had to get creative. Sometimes I don't know when to stop. Oh well, we live and learn. I bet you can't believe that I had the guts to show this to you! ha ha Happy Birthday to our son Clint. I love you even if I can't decorate cakes!

Getting a little assistance in the candle blowing. Is that cheating? Oh yeah, we didn't put all 22 candles on the cake, so I guess it doesn't matter that he had help.

There might be a little chocolate icing on these candles...should I lick it off????

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  1. Oh this is lovely!! - I love the cake, and am glad that you posted the picture of it, I love funny pics that make you laugh out loud!!! And even with the melted gel (I have had that happen too!) the cake looks yum! Your grandchildren are beautiful, you are very blessed Patty!!