Saturday, July 4, 2015

Some major catching up in pictures...

Picked a few lilacs from our yard to bring inside. Love how they smell.
 Off for a little birthday shopping trip with Pop.
 After a day of shopping we decided to take to the river.
Pop caught some fish and I knitted and made pictures.
 I needed a clothes pin bag so I made one and included part of a vintage embroidered piece
Clint liked this really cool fireplace on the Deer Path Farms property
 Allison & Dylan on their wedding day
 Clint & Linli at the reception
 The dining room for the reception
Me and Terry at the wedding 
 Looking for some water before the wedding
 Dylan and Allison tie the knot at Deer Path Farms...

Trying to decide what to display on top of the fridge...



 Thanksgiving dinner for two

 Bailey is always happy to get a little cash :-)
 Kirsten opens a few Christmas gifts
 A little more Christmas

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