Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smocking Class

Last night's smocking class was so good. Everyone learned the basic smocking stitches and are ready to think about making their first hand-smocked garment! I think Laura may dive into making 2 smocked dresses for Easter. It is definitely time to start thinking about those spring sewing projects. It will be hear before you know it!

I have buttercups trying to bloom in my yard and it always snows on them. I hope this is the only snow they get! It has been enough for me!

Tomorrow night at Westwood we will be having spaghetti for dinner served up by our wonderful youth group! Yum! I can't wait to have dinner with them. I know they will do a fabulous job!

Our daughter and her family are off to Disney Thursday evening. We will be celebrating Julie and Chris's birthdays tonight before they leave. They both have birthdays next week while they will be away. Disney would be a great place to spend your birthday this year since you get a free park pass for your birthday! And I'm sure the weather there is warmer than it is here!


  1. What a deal? Are the passes for everyone? Or just children?

  2. It is for anyone. I'm sure you have to show proof of your birthdate. Julie said she actually got a present brought to her room from Cinderella! That is too cool!