Monday, September 14, 2009

Goodbye Westwood Bridge!

Our Westwood Bridge was officially closed today. Demolition will begin and a new bridge will be constructed in it's place. A process that will take approximately 15 months. This bridge is as much a part of Warren County history as anything I can think of. Yesterday, I decided to make some photos before the demolition begins. Well.......I wasn't the only one. I saw numerous people with the same idea. Everyone wanted a picture of "their" bridge and to walk across the wooden walkway one more time. I'm sure the new bridge will be wonderful, and it was really needed, but we're all so attached to the old bridge that was part of so many lives...
I walked across these weather boards as a child. This bridge has been there all of my life.
If you lived in Westwood and wanted to walk to town, you had to cross the bridge.
A view upstream toward our house...
A view toward the dam where a new bridge has already replaced another "old" bridge in town...
I wonder if the ducks at Riverfront Park will miss the shade of that bridge?
Here our bridge looks nestled among the trees... Westwood Bridge you will be missed!

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