Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some of the latest...

Thanks Gina for ordering the pink onesie! The white one with the letter "K" is for sale ($15, size 3 months). Leave me a comment or send me an email if you're interested.

Thanks Nancy for the things you ordered for Levi!


  1. oh wow Patty! Everything is gorgeous!!! Particularly love the red white and blue in the last pic - just beautiful!!! Is there any chance you will ever do a tutorial on how you do your crocheting on your fabrics, I would love to do some for my pillow slips at home!
    Have a great weekend Patti!
    Jen xo

  2. Hey Patty! Thanks so much for the info!! I have gone and had a look at that tutorial and am definately going to make some of the pillow slips, I just love them!!
    Jen xoxo

  3. Patty, thank you for dropping by my blog. You asked what kind of iron on I used. I bought Avery iron on at Walmart.

    Off to check out your blog more.