Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Life is busy

Things have been so hectic lately. I have been sewing and monogramming like crazy and forgetting to photograph most of what has gone out my door lately. There have been lots of baby showers, not to mention a bridal shower and graduation. Oh, how I wish I'd made photos to share. I have aprons on my mind. My friend made the cutest apron for the bridal shower Sunday and I'm wanting to finish up my current sewing so that I can make a few aprons. Aprons are one thing that I adore. I love them all. Especially the happy, fun fabrics that the designers are coming out with these days. And speaking of fabric, do you have a favorite fabric designer? Go over and check out the blog "bee in my bonnet". You won't be sorry. Some of the most adorable fabrics, aprons and quilts you'll ever find. Lots of eye candy there! (This is probably my only post since I started my blog that doesn't include a photo of something!)

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