Thursday, September 13, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Chair Re-do

I was given this chair a year or so ago.

It was a pitiful sight but I thought it had good "bones".

Although some folks thought it should be sent to the dump,

I could just see a wonderful upholstery / painting project in the future.
I went to and watch her tutorials on painting and upholstering.

Miss Mustard See has wonderful turotials. If you are interested in this type of thing
it's the perfect place to get some great tips.

So..... I started ripping off the old fabric and trim and getting her ready for paint.

 Let me tell you.

This chair had a million (I may be stretching it a bit but it FELT like a million) staples!
I spent a lot of time with a flat-head screw driver and some needle-nose plyers pulling staples.

And I sweated alot. A whole lot.

I was pulling staples while we were having a heat wave this spring.

Temperatures were 100+ for days!

When I'd get tired of pulling staples I'd watch the tutorials again at

Repetition...that's what it takes for me sometimes. I'd watch Miss Mustard Seed's videos over and over.

Just look what a can of Annie Sloan Old White paint

and a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax

can do for a pitiful mess of a chair!

Covered in a drop cloth I bought at Lowe's for $7

It's far from perfect but I'm sort of proud of my FIRST

re-upholstering / painting project!

I'm just looking for something else to paint - I did have some paint left over you know ;-)

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