Thursday, September 13, 2012

Complete randomness

It has been a long time since I have been able to post.

Not sure exactly why, ,but I could not "sign in" to my blog for some crazy reason.

Therefore, I am way behind on posting photos. So this post is just complete randomness.

So random that it's making me nuts!

I just want to get this posted and move on and be more organized.

These are some hats that I monogrammed for Bev...

And a hand embroidered day gown for Bev also.

The hats and the gown are for a friend of hers that lives in China.

A "made in America" gown for someone in China.

 This hand smocked bonnet and bishop dress were made for a friend of mine to give as a gift.

Not sure if she has given it yet so I won't reveal who it is for. I sure don't want to spoil a secret!

This cake applique tea towel was such fun to make!

I'm sure I will make another one reallly soon.

($15 if anyone is interested)

Ruffled apron out of coordinating prints ($30)...

And a ruffled apron out of vintage fabric ($30)


  1. Love your work, Patty! That little bonnet is precious! Thanks for linking up to Blissful Whites Wednesday!! I will need you to add a link back to the party or the button in your sidebar next time! If you need help with it, please let me know!
    Have a lovely Friday and weekend!

  2. The bonnet is beautiful!