Thursday, June 7, 2012

China before the wedding

Linli and Clint stopped a boat for us to take to the old part of the city.
We had a pleasant ride. Hangzhou is so beautiful!


Love the sun hat Linli!
 The scenery along the way was spectacular

After we got off the boat we walked and walked. Then we went down a huge escalator
that took us under the street. The largest escalator that I have EVER seen. when you get 
off at the bottom you go back up a huge escalator. Only one problem...we got to the bottom and 
the escalator going back up was not working. There are seventy-seven steps to the top. Trust me.
  I counted each one as my leg muscles burned with pain.

Wow! There were shops and street vendors everywhere.

This area looks like what you might envision "China Town" in an American city to look like.

 Here we are in a herbal pharmacy that has been there since the 1600's.
It was totally amazing. People bring the prescriptions from the doctor and pick up their herbs.
They were getting huge bags of herbs. Linli said each bag was one week of medicine.
More in another post later.


  1. cool! I can't wait to go!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these great pics! We can't wait for more.