Friday, June 8, 2012

Our China Story Continues...

Love the fruit markets! Especially the fruit that is in the very front of the picture.
I can't remember the name of it but it was delicious!

 Not sure if the bicycle is bringing produce to the market or
delivering it to someone from the market. Either way, I love the bike!
These are very common means of delivery.

Just inside the guard gates of Hangzhou Normal University,
where Clint attends school. His dorm room is just beyond these tall buildings.
Did I mention that his room is on the 6th floor with NO elevator?
I wish I had counted all of the steps during our entire trip. If I could count that far.

We walked past a small grocery store on campus and went inside to look around.
All of the clerks knew him and were so friendly. We met one of his professors and she was so sweet.
I love the flowers in the photo. These were all in separate pots.
Hum...who would have ever thought of that?

Notice I have a pink umbrella in my hand. You know what they say -- "when in Rome".
Well when in China it's ok to use an umbrella to shield yourself from the sun.
Smart idea if you ask me. So if you see me walking around town with my umbrella
in the sunshine, don't think anything about it. I tend to like that practice. ;-)

Clint and Dad on campus. We were very impressed with the school.

After we visited the university we walked a block or so to a KFC a had some lunch.
It was almost just like in America. We enjoyed our lunch and then went to visit a couple
from Knoxville, Tennessee that are in Hangzhou teaching English and doing mission work
through Laurel Church of Christ in Knoxville. Such a sweet couple.
Clint and Linli and others meet there to study Bible and spread the Gospel with the Chinese 
people that want to learn English. 

Meet Ron and Marti...
Did I mention that they live in a 4th floor (or was it 5th floor) apartment with no elevator?
They are troopers. See how tired I look? I sat down to rest on a rock wall while Clint went
in a store to get us a bottle of water on the way to Ron and Marti's. Something stung my backside!
I never did figure out what it was but it gave me cold chills for a while.Scared me just a bit.
But by the time we arrived at Ron and Marti's I was fine. Exhausted but fine. 
Marti and Ron's apartment was small and sparsely furnished. Just enough to get by.

Ron and Marti were leaving to return to Knoxville the day after we visited.
Ron is a retired dentist and they own an antique shop on Campbell Station Road in Knoxville.
I hope we can visit with them next time we are in Knoxville.

Street Scenes

Bikes and scooters and cars, oh my!

Notice the fancy buildings and huge digital billboard in the background.

Hangzhou is a beautiful city with lots of trees.
It's a huge city but all the trees make it feel very much like home.

 Not sure if I could ever drive there. The cars go basically wherever they want to.
If they decide they need to go the other direction, watch out, there will be a U turn!
Didn't see one wreck the entire trip though.

And gas stations - only saw one the
entire time we were in Hangzhou.I should have taken a picture of it.
You know I would notice that since we own one in America. ha

Normal it wasn't a wreck. Just normal.

 Bikes and scooters have their own lane. Better watch out if you're walking though.
You have to watch every step you take or you could get run over. Not a fun thought.

Ladies doing aerobic exercise in the park in town...

More again later...

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