Thursday, June 7, 2012

Traveling to China for the wedding

My husband and I left very early the morning of May 15 to begin our journey to Hangzhou, China to see our son and Linli Xu get married. After more than 24 hours of travel and a slight delay we met Clint and Linli at the airport in Shanghai. Due to the 13 hour time difference it was really late at night. They had arranged for us to all spend the night in Shanghai because it is about a 3 hour trip to Hangzhou. We managed to have absolutely NO jet lag.    I. Was. Amazed.

The next morning we took a taxi to the train station and caught the "fast train" to Hangzhou. Did I mention that the train was fast? ;-) About a 3 hour car trip in only 40 minutes! Wonderful. We loved the train. It was shiny and clean and FAST. Did I say fast? ;-)

 Lots of folks waiting on the train.

This is actually just a small area of the train station -- it was enormous!

Clint and his Dad waiting on the train

We checked in our hotel and then went to meet Linli's parents. We had talked with them on Skype but had never met in person. They were awesome and wanted so much to make us feel at home. Lvyi prepared the most wonderful lunch for us. She is an awesome cook! I hope I get to experience her cooking again sometime. They were very gracious hosts.

See what I'm talking about? The dish in the foreground was my absolute favorite!
Yummo! I can still taste it. The drink was wheat grass tea.

And we learned to use chop sticks. Well, sort of.
Why didn't we practice before we got there?

One of Linli's bridesmaids came over to eat lunch and help with some wedding "stuff".

 Visiting the secret place at West Lake. Beautiful!

Clint, Linli and her parents.

 Another view of the secret place. We loved it there.

It drizzled rain and was such a peaceful place!

More on the trip later. It was awesome.
Please come back and see more photos as I have time to share with you.

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